She was like magic…

She was like magic and I was in the audience watching this dove spread her wings, she preparing for me. She earned it. She earned for me to set her free. She wanted me to taste her till she fell weak.  It was more than physical; skin against skin, it was the way her body felt when I whisper against it and the way my words formed libraries inside her. She was desperate for passion. Anticipation was being written all over her face, she wanted her desires claimed. I knew what it would take, so I proceeded with a slow and steady pace. My hands slowly traced her frame and with my eyes she heard the words I couldn’t say. Mere seconds but it felt like minutes, possibly hours as I touched her with tenderness. Lord, she was heaven sent. She wasn’t perfect so I kissed at all her flaws, that meant she was perfect to me and so she deserved this blessing. She was the kinks in her hair, those full lips, that brown skin, and those childbearing hips. I was in search for her pleasure, meeting her moans with deeper kisses. And if freedom was what she wanted then I was going to give it. I opened the cage, and with my tongue she became free, spreading her legs like wings beneath me. Staring at me as if she was asking for release, and with a nod I gave her permission and continued to with ease. Trembling against my constant licks this beautiful dove came back to back for me. After all, it wasn’t that she wanted to be set free, she just wanted to stretch her wings signifying her desires to release and I agreed. She was like magic and now I’ve been behind the scenes, but when I’m in the audience she knows her secret is safe with me.
-Valerie Rene’a


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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