First taste


My legs spread
like wings against these white sheets
he had a thing for dominating me
pinning me down
covering my mouth
till he deemed it ok for me to speak

And I was ok with that
with him having his way with me
He said
“Don’t be afraid it isn’t the pain that I seek
I only want control of your pleasuring”

Ripping away my clothes
cold hands traced my flesh
and with leather I was dressed

I felt myself weaken by the inch
And as I flinched
there was a swinging of his whip
and it kissed my skin
in the sweetest bliss

With his licks it was mended
this shit left me suspended
through the pain that was felt
and the pleasure that was intended

At the same time
I was weeping from my eyes
I was also seeping between the thighs
And he swallowed it up
like he was thirsty from this high

There was a releasing of my restraints
I wanted see how much of his dominance I could take
So I dropped to my knees
running my tongue along the base, watching him as he braced

I listened for his moans
feeling him grow
fighting the urge to explode
With each thrust
And the surrounding of my mouth
He was losing control

He knew I sensed it
He was clueless
as my mouth was ruthless
and tongue rage foolish

Grabbing a hand full of my tresses twisting it around his fist
He pulled my head back up
Licked out his tongue
And fuck my face with it

And when he was done
Back below his waist I went
His dominance
he had his way with it
But his submission
I received my first taste of it

-Valerie Rene’a 

Valerie Rene’a – Author


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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