I miss it…


It’s been more than a minute and I miss it. I miss how your fingers danced along my petals lips until they found entrance. I miss how you kissed it, pulling back just to look at me and the pleasure I release. I miss how you touched me delicately and how our bodies clashed together in rhythmic beats. I miss how the sweat dripped from our bodies soaking the sheets and how you continuously begged to taste me, you was always waist deep. I miss how you were the only one to get me to my peak from your oral chemistry, damn the way you did that thing to me. You know when you would flipped me over and tell me to get on my knees, bury your face between my cheeks and when I tried to get away you’d pull me back and say “shut up and bite the sheets”. I miss how you took control away from me. I miss how you let go when you had your way with me. I miss how when it was my turn your moans would sang for me. I miss the look in your eyes when I looked up with spit dripping from my cheeks and how you assisted my head in bobbing. I miss how energy flowed from our bodies from the simple touches we found arousing. I miss you because you knew your way around me. -Valerie Rene’a

Valerie Rene’a – Author


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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