Thirst for me..


I felt him thirst for me, I felt the bass in his voice strumming between my knees beckoning my release. What’s been complex for others he managed simply, my body was his temple and now here I lay with him praising me. He was thankful for this gift as my hips  rotated and shifted. I felt hieroglyphics being written as his member stiffen, I too wanted a taste but I knew he’d be a minute. I felt my legs being risen and my yoni dripping, he whispered inside me as if he was confessing his sins before baptism. I couldn’t shake the taste for him, as he wade in my waters I had visions of my lips laced with him. I craved for him. I wanted my tongue to dance across his body as if I was putting on a play for him. I prayed for him. On my knees, this King stood before me anxiously. My taste buds crowned with traces of salt, as he made his way in me, lips tightly pressed against his jimmy. Now in positions of sixty nine we came in plenty. Collapsing onto each other, hydrating the thirst in me. -Valerie Rene’a

Valerie Rene’a – Author


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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