Silky Eroticism

Reminiscent of the nights I stay up feeding off your flesh, watching you closely and listening for the pleasure to escape your lips. I embrace your erection as you disappear in my mouth, the warmth of my tongue blanketing you. Silky eroticism being felt as you force yourself deeper into my throat, moisture coating every inch you provide me with. My hair now tangled in your fingers, my head slowly bobbing up and down as my lips stretch around you, my insides dripping at the thought of you probing me; expanding me, and tracing me with your language. I took steps, small ones and followed your lead; my body begins to speak erupting in your city slang, spilling it’s contents onto the sheets. Pleasure chants escapes my open mouth as your tongue buries itself deeper resting against my roots. With every thrust my waters intoxicate you, my liquefied soul filling your veins and drip from your lips. Climb back inside me, let the pressure from my grip wrap you tightly. Fuck me like I’m your last, fuck me like I’m the only woman left on earth and we’re responsible for repopulating the land.

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

8 thoughts on “Silky Eroticism”

  1. Oh yes, what delicious torture you are unleashing the last few days! “moisture coating every inch…lips stretch…insides dripping…pleasure chants…intoxicating…liquified soul…my grip…” and your entire last sentence. This was so passionate and epic!


      1. Oh I’m definitely enjoying your fruit! 😉 I agree with the comments too, a meaningful comment makes it all worthwhile and even arousing at times which is an additional bonus. 🙂


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