The Cabin

The Cabin

    You could smell Autumn in the air and see the brown, orange and golden leaves fall from the trees. My hair blew in the wind as we drove down the back country roads, while his hand caressed my thigh and r&b tunes streamed through the speakers. Overcast skies hung above us. It was mid-morning and we were headed to the mountains for a weekend getaway with old friends. It’s been a long time since Roman and I have done anything spontaneous, once the kids came it seemed like our flair for one another had left. But I see this weekend of adult fun as way to reignite our passion for each other.

    We haven’t seen Clair and Donovan in years and this was the perfect way to catch up. Back in our college days we use to hang out all the time; go to frat parties, house parties, and our favorite was the pajama parties. Clair and I would be the sexiest two in the building. Clair had this pale skin but fiery red hair that set off her olive green eyes. She played on the volley ball team and had the nicest curvy body and let’s not forget that butt. Every guy loved her derriere. She was hated on a lot because she was white and was in love with black men. She and I were best friends, and we shared a lot in common. I was naturally stacked even though I ran track, you could bounce a quarter off my ass. My hair was kinky because I loved the natural look and my eyes are a chestnut brown. My lips are my favorite feature, they are big and luscious. My breast was the prefect equation for hand to mouth play. My waist was small and my abs put some of these guys to shame.

    We met Roman and Donovan at school who both later became the men her and I both would marry. They were on the basketball team and all the girls in school wanted them but they chose us and we made sure that they were satisfied enough to remain that way. The things we would do to them at school, hell all over  still made me blush till this day when Roman and I would talk about it.

    Even though it has been about five years since we have linked up we always manage to keep in contact via phone, email, video chat. We all promised that we would never lose touch and that every few years we would meet up at the cabin we all purchased together once we completed grad school, as a present to us for all our accomplishments and future endeavors.

    Roman and I had been only driving a little over an hour or so but to have this time alone with him seemed somewhat euphoric; no kids, no work, and no worries. It was just us and this majestic scenery. I loved the way he touched me, the cool air chilled my body but the warmth of him caressing my thighs made my temperature rise. I leaned my chair back just a little so that his hand could roam even further. This man still made every fiber of my being tingle; we just never get much time to act on it because we are so busy with work and kids. By the time we would get home from a long day’s work we would be too tired to do anything.

    I rose up my dress a little so that Roman’s hand could have easier access. He knew by the look in my eyes what I wanted and he was willing to give it to me. He placed his hand on my knee to pull my legs apart, and I allowed them to spread. Slowly his hands eased up my thigh pulling at the strings on my panties. I could feel my nipples become stiff in my blouse. I placed my hands in my shirt to caress them, pinching at them making them even harder while licking  my lips in the process. Roman’s fingers have entered the folds of my pleasure and begin to seductively invade me deeper.

    My body responds in movement with each stroke that he takes. I can see that his member had become hard in his slacks so I manage one hand around his arm so I can feel this massive bulge. I unzipped his pants so that I can free him. I then placed my hand against my mouth so that I can lick it to give me a better glide off is shaft. I stroked his thickened flesh as he painted my insides with his fingers. He looks away from the road and looks at me with hunger in his eyes. He takes his fingers from inside me and placed them in his mouth to taste me, licking each finger individually.

“Mmmm, how sweet” he says.

    Placing his fingers back inside me he moves them at a faster pace, almost making me leap up out of the chair. I couldn’t contain myself; I squirted all over the leather seat and the floorboard of the car. I had to return the favor to this handsome man of mine that left me spent. I unbutton his pants and unloosened his belt. I needed all of him free. I licked my lips as I starred at this big chocolate meat in my hands. I collected saliva in my mouth so he could get this sloppy shit. I then loosened up my lips so I could take him in with ease. At insertion, he flinched! No matter what I knew that he loved when I gave him head, even if he didn’t get any penetration, he exploded just the same. I suck on him as if he was my favorite lollipop, and he was the best flavor that I have tasted.

    In and out he ventured in my mouth, circling my tongue on his meaty treat. He used his free hand to push my head deeper between his legs, filling up mouth and wondering past my tonsils. I loved the tasted of his skin, my taste buds celebrated at each entry as his rod thumped against my tongue. He tried his best to maintain the car on this lonely road we were traveling and I wasn’t helping the situation. He wanted to close his eyes but he couldn’t, but the moans that trailed off his lips made me work extra hard so that he can get this nut. He was nearing his end and I was adamant about catching every drop. I felt his body tense as the car sped up a little. The throbbing in my mouth became more intense and just like that a shooting of thick white cream lined that inside of my mouth, sliding down my throat and settled inside of me.

     My mouth slipped off the tip of his manhood right after I gathered that last drop. A smile of ease came from his face as I wiped my lips and kissed his neck, while I zipped back up his pants before pulling up to the cabin.
As we neared the driveway I could see Clair long wavy hair blow in the wind as she ran out to greet us. Behind her was the strapping handsome Donovan. He was just as handsome as he was back when we were in college. He was about 6’4’’ and the perfect tone of brown there was. He had a youthful face, his skin was so clear and his grey eyes would burn right through you. But still he had nothing on my chocolate éclair.

“Hi you guys” they said as they ran up to us.

    We exchanged greetings and gave hugs before grabbing our things to head inside the cabin. The place was lovely and also secluded. We had pool and a Jacuzzi out back, and also a barbeque pit. We plan to make full use of every inch of this cabin this weekend. Inside were 2 master suites and a game room. There was an indoor sauna and the bathrooms were masked with hot tubs, 2 vanity sinks and separate showers. The kitchen was perfect; Clair and I plan to cook up lots of great things this weekend. We had a few flat screen TVs throughout the house with a master remote control. There was alarm system where you could view each room in the house to insure safety.

     The guys had gone off to the side; I suppose it was to catch up. You know how the guys are. They have a language of their own and I didn’t have the patience to try and decipher it. Clair and I went to the room so I could put away Roman and my things.

“You look so good Clair!” I exclaimed.

“So do you Joy” she said.

“So what have you been up to, how are you and Donovan?” I asked.

“You know how it is Joy, all work and no play. Donovan and I work so much with him being at the hospital all night and I being at the office all day we rarely get to see each other.  Hell we haven’t even been able to have sex the last couple of months because of my surgery, so hopefully things change this weekend!” said Clair.

“Girl I know all too well what you are talking about. Roman and I have been so busy that when we do go to bed only thing on our mind is sleep. So we all need to get our grooves back, huh?” I replied.

    We both laughed as I finished putting away my things.

    We then headed back to the living room were the boys were and to get lunch started. Clair and Donovan had already gone to the grocery store to stock the fridge and cabinets, so only thing to do know was feed these men of ours.  As Clair and I prepared some club sandwiches they boys played a game of pool.  We popped open some beers. Opened the chips and dip and headed over to join the fellas.
Roman was everything to me. Sure we’ve had our ups and downs but we have stuck it out.

    I thought about what we had done on the way here and it made my body tingle. I looked at him and smirked. He smiled at me so I’m sure that he sensed what I was thinking about. Roman was about 6’3” with a low cut. He worked out at the gym where he works, so he stayed fit as he did when we were back in school. His ripped arms were like pillows to me I could sleep in them all night. I loved to rub his abs when he would join me in bed for the night. As for those huge brown eyes that he possessed, they belonged to me as well.

So much time has passed since we got here. I headed to the restroom, all this beer was flowing through me, ready to come out. As I got closer to the first bathroom I heard a noise. The door was cracked and at first glimpse I see Clair. I thought she was just finishing up in the bathroom, and then I see Don.  He had her bent over the sink. Her neck was pulled back and the mouth hung open as Don inserted his finger in it. His brown skin mashed up against the paleness of her white flesh.

    I was becoming aroused standing there watching them, watching him pound her from behind. I watched her breast bounce up and down, as she moaned from pleasure. Her love tunnel must be worthy by the look on his face. He bit down on his bottom lip with delight as he dug deeper in her. He yanked her head back as he gripped her waist pulling her into him. As he neared climax he stood on his tippy toes bending her over the sink and gave one deep thrust before letting off into her.  They both fell back into the wall in gratification.
I gathered myself and headed to the bathroom as I had previously planned. Once I finished we all were in the hallway at the same time. I had hoped that they didn’t notice I was watching them.  So I just kept cool and headed back to my husband.

    Roman had put some steaks on the grill while we were in the back. And had some bake beans going on the stove and potatoes in the oven. He knew his way around the kitchen. I loved that about him; if I wasn’t home to start dinner for the family, he would. He’s a great man and I’m lucky to have him.

     Clair and I started up the Jacuzzi and went inside to slip into our bikinis. We then fixed up some mix drinks and headed outside. The Jacuzzi was enclosed so we weren’t in the cold night’s air.  The water felt as good against my skin as the jets that massaged my body. I was in complete heaven and total relaxation. The men were here to cater to us and we were to provide them with the best of time.
Clair and I chit chatted, as the men got dinner together. We talked about the past and the things that we have done to these guys to make them fall weak to us. Roman calls us in for dinner, so Clair and I finished up our drink and then dried off.

“Dinner looks great baby” I said.

“Thank you my love” says Roman.

“Yeah bro, the shit looks good” says Don.

     Clair couldn’t speak; she had already begun to stuff her mouth with food.

    After our stomachs had their fill, we went to the living room to catch a movie. It was some horror shit that we had picked up before coming out, just what we needed a horror movie and being in the damn woods alone.
We snuggled up on the opposite ends on this comfy ass couch and watch the movie.  The movie ended up sucking, it was the worst put together low budget movie I have seen to date.

    “We’ll you guys, it’s our first night in the cabin and it’s time for us to retire to our lovely beds” I sneakily said to them!

They agreed and off we went.

As I entered the room Roman came up behind me, and smacked me on the ass.

“Ouch!” I yelled.

“What’s your problem?” I asked him.

“I want you!” he responded.

“Well you will have to get me after I take a bath.” I said to him.

    I went into the bathroom and ran me a hot bubble bath as Roman sat on the edge of the bed watching ESPN.  He’s such a sports enthusiast, can’t tear him a way for a second before he starts to miss it.
I begin to disrobe and step into the steaming bath water, it was so tranquil. I leaned back and immersed my entire body in the water, when I came up there he was totally naked standing over me, fully erect.  He was so handsome to me, chocolate and mine. His body was of a god and solely belonged to me. There was nothing that I wouldn’t do to satisfy him.
He stepped into the tub to join me, tensing up because he knew how hot I like my water to be. He eased down into the water in front of me, admiring my supple breast. He reached into the water and grabbed my leg.  No matter where he touched me he was gentle. He then pulled me closer by my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He was still hard; I felt his bulge slide against my wet spot. It was getting hotter in here by the minute, the mirrors were fogged up and sweat begins to form on my forehead.  He didn’t insert his staff into me; he just wanted me to feel the excitement that he was experiencing from wanting me. I teased him a little by grinding my hips on top of him, still without penetration. He then grabbed the loofah and begins to wash my body, and I returned the favor. After rinsing off, we both got out and dried off.

     Roman and I hopped in the bed naked. I needed to feel his skin next to mine. Roman had picked up the remote and was scanning through the channels when by accident hit the security controls. On the screen popped all the areas around and inside the cabin. All of the sudden we see Clair and Donovan fucking on the bottom of the screen. Roman turned the channel but I told him to go back. At first he refused but then he said ok. He then zoomed in and we were in full view.

     There they were against the dresser, fucking viciously.  Her fiery red hair wrapped around is hand, as he plunged every inch up into her. Her creamy white skin bouncing of his perfect shade of brown stature, he turned her around and hoisted her up on the dresser. I become more aroused watching them for what is now the second time. I could feel Roman’s rod harden against my thigh. He begins to palm my breast and then take one into his mouth.

     I watched Clair and Don as Roman initiates our next course of action. He trailed his tongue down the middle of my breast, down, licking my stomach to sliding his entire body under the covers between my legs. I sunk into the pillows as I viewed my friends on the big screen as I was coerced into pleasure as Roman goes in on my Nubian nectar.
I didn’t know if I should close my eyes in elation or keep them open in suspense to see what else Clair and Don would do. Roman tongue eased up and down to each spot that made me quiver. He flicked his tongue across my pearl like a tornado, slurping up all my juices. His tongue went in and out my love below with precision. He gripped my waist and buried his face between my thighs, the warmth of his mouth soothe me. I wanted to taste him.

    I continued watching the screen. Clair pressed up against the mirror on top of the dresser as Don tip toed deeper and deeper in her, just to pick her up to carry her over to the bed.  He sat her on the edge of the bed and I think that she already knew exactly what to do.  She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, Don placed his stiff monster on the tip of it and she took him into her mouth. She sucked on him gently at first before he placed his left hand behind her neck and pushed his manhood deeper down her throat. I don’t think this girl had a gag reflex before I knew it all of him was in her mouth.

     I told Roman to straddle my chest I needed to taste him as well. He came up, face wet from all the eating he had done; I greeted him with a kiss so I could taste what he spent time enjoying. He then straddled me as asked and placed his thick flesh on my closed lips, teasing me. He slapped it against my lips. I attacked this prize meat like an animal, ravishing it. He moaned with acceptance. His body rocked to force his meat further down my throat, I gaged a little. He smiled. He enjoyed this sounded, even though I tried not to make it. He was just too much for my petite mouth, nonetheless I aim to please.

    Roman had become weak to this torture he was begging to come inside me to play.  I rolled his body down to my entry, his hard rod beating at my door. He used his leg to spread mine even more. He looked into my eyes and without notice he was deep within my space, tracing his mark along my walls.  I latched onto him.  I wrapped my legs and arms around him, pulling him closer.

“Fuck me harder” I said as I gasped for air!

“Yes baby” Roman replied.

    Just then he got into a push position and rammed his dick into me, hard! His movements were steady but forceful. I felt every bit of him enter and exit me. We stared into each other’s eyes with passion and fire. I began to squirt all over him but he didn’t mind because he was nearing his arrival; pushing deeper, filling me up, and feeling him thump inside, as he began spraying my inside with his cum.

     I was exhausted and he was too. We laid there in the wetness of our love joy, in each other’s arms.  We looked up and glanced at the screen, Clair and Don had been fast asleep. I guess they should be tired too, being that this is the first night in the cabin where sex and friends meet again.

     I awoke to the aroma of food circling the room, Roman was still fast asleep. I hopped out of the bed and headed to the restroom to freshen up. After I tied my hair in a bun and brushed my teeth, I then washed my face and found some clothes to put on. Mmm, I could still feel his hands on me, Roman brings me so much pleasure that I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.
When I returned to the room, Roman was on the edge of the bed stretching.  I walked over and greeted him and gave him a kiss on the forehead. I told him I was heading to the kitchen and for him to get dressed and join me.  As I arrived in the kitchen, Clair looked at me and smiled.

“Good morning you freak” Clair said with a chuckled.

“You shouldn’t be talking, good morning you two” I said to Clair and Don laughing.

     They had put the works on in the kitchen. They had; grits, bacon, eggs, waffles, fresh fruit and orange juice. I felt like I was at a damn buffet. For a minute I thought that Clair was a sista in another life time. My mouth watered looking at all the choices I have, it’s great to have friends that love to take good care of the people they know.

“Damn, ya’ll don’t play I see! This looks great!” I said.

    “ROMAN!” I called out to my husband to come join us. I sat down at the table, joined by Clair and Don. Roman came a few minutes later. We talked, laughed and enjoyed this delicious meal that was kindly prepared for us. We talked about how we would spend our second day here at the cabin, and we all decided that we would go on the trail that’s out back. We’ve been out here numerous amounts of times but we never ventured out on the trail.  But the weather is perfect and I think we would have a lovely time.

     After breakfast we cleaned up and went off to our rooms to shower and get dressed. Roman had already washed so he agreed that he would prepare a small lunch just in case we stayed out a little longer than planned. Two hours had passed and we were now ready to leave. We grabbed our backpacks and headed out back. We all looked like we were ready for nature, and we welcomed every bit of it.

“Ok guys, let’s get it!” Donovan says.

     Don led us down to the trail and into the woods. It was beautiful, the sight was so serene. As the wind blew the leaves would fall before us, creating a blank of fall colors at our feet.  We took our time journeying deeper into the woods. It was warm for this time of year in the mountains, but we are familiar with this type of weather because we are from the south. I had worn a button up shirt and some khaki shorts, but I had to come out of the shirt because I was getting hot. I had on a tank top underneath my shirt. Everyone else was dressed like it was summertime but I’m always the one trying to be cautious.
Ahead of us, we saw steam and as we neared it, we realized that we had stumbled on a hot spring. We had all got excited. We had never seen one before let alone be in one. I wondered what it would feel like, if it was safe, and would it be too hot for us to get in and try it out. Clair felt the water and told use that it was hot but not too hot. She suggested that we all get in but none of us brought swim suits, this was just supposed to be us hiking through the woods. Before I knew it Clair had started taking off her clothes.

“Clair, what are you doing” I asked her.

“What does it look like? I don’t want my clothes to get wet so the only thing to do was to take them off!” She said.

“It isn’t like we haven’t been naked around each other before!” Said  Clair smiling.

    I laughed at first, but she had a point. Back in the day we were a wild bunch. We have done things to each other and both of the guys. We are fully aware of each other’s anatomy.

“Fuck it” says Don.

    He too started to take off his clothes. I looked at Roman and he gave his look of approval so we took off ours. After I took off my clothes I stepped into the spring, and an indescribable sensation ran through my body. It sent jolts through me and I felt amazing. I immersed my body in the water up to my breast, and looked at Roman. He smiled at me and placed his hand on my thigh under the water. Here we are, butt ass naked in the middle of the words in a hot spring. I didn’t think it could get any better than this. I didn’t even think about it being anyone else out here that would catch us.

    Don silly ass cracked a few jokes, they were corny but he was funny anyway.  Clair looks at me.  I’ve seen this look before. Back in college, when we were roommates before Roman and Don came into the picture. Clair and I experimented with one another a few times. We didn’t do it all the time, mostly on drunken nights when she and I would go back to our room from partying.

    Clair came closer to me. She kissed me. It was innocent, but seductive. I answered by feeding her some of my tongue. She purred like a kitten. The guys just watched. Roman’s hand was still on my thigh. Clair licked her tongue along my neck down to my breast before cupping one and pulling at my nipple with her teeth. She begins to flick it with her tongue and suck at it. Roman’s hand was inching towards my entrance; I was already throbbing with enjoyment. I wasn’t nervous or tense; this isn’t our first time anyway. I’m familiar with her touch.

     Clair turns away from me and kisses Roman. He didn’t know what to say. I looked at Don to catch his reaction but he was calm. She then pulled my head in and we were engaging in a three-way kiss. Don stood up and walked behind Clair. His rod was huge, with the perfect tone and a slight curve. He licked down Clair’s spine and gripped both breast from behind. I was left kissing Roman as she was back to latching onto my breast while Don patted his thick against her door. This felt so good and I became lost in it.

    I stood up; I wanted to see what Don’s lips tasted like. I drew his face up from Clair’s back and licked his lips with my tongue. His eyes closed. I did it again, this time I ease my tongue into the folds of his lips. He let go of Clair’s waist and palmed my face, for a minute he was lost in my kiss. As our lips became unlocked Roman was out of the spring rummaging through the bags, when he pulls out a blanket. He shook it out and spread it out onto the ground.

“Come over here” said Roman.

    I got out the spring, dripping wet. As I exit you can see the steam evaporate from my skin. I walk over to Roman and he grabs me up into his arms, his staff poking me in my side. He slowly came up behind my neck, kissing behind my ear, while he plays between my thighs. I grab it and started stroking it. I can feel him stiffen at my touch. I’m facing Clair and as she gets out as well I can see her ass bouncing as she nears me followed my Don.

     All three are touching me as if I were their goddess. Hands roamed my breast, my thighs and my ass. I felt like royalty. I pulled Clair too me and kissed her as I stared Donovan in the eyes. We all dropped down to the blanket. I took Roman’s flesh into my mouth as Clair slurped at my fruit bowl and Don at hers. She crawls towards me, her mouth slips over the tip of my husband’s thickness and our tongues meet. We continue to parade tongues around his shaft.

    Don enters his wife pale pink love cup, staring at me while wiping his lips. I stood up and straddled Roman’s face so he could taste me one more time before slid down onto him. Don pounding Clair doggy style while I begin to ride the masterpiece of a rod my husband had. He suckled at my neck as he grabbed my waist pulling me in faster and pushing me down deeper. I could feel his long shaft press against my walls as Clair ran her tongue down my spine.
Don walked over to me with rod in hand and placed it on my lips.

“Taste it! Taste her!”

    He wanted me to taste the excess from Clair’s juices off his thick stick, so I obliged. His large penis filled my mouth, stretching my jaws, colliding with the back of my throat. She was sweet, but I already knew that. As I twirled his thickness inside my mouth with my tongue I swayed my hips back and forth on Roman. Clair plays in her puddle looking at us as I stare at how wet she is. Her fingers were going in and out her pretty flesh. Don lifts me up off of Roman carrying me over to the tree and then slides his thickness inside me. He stretched me out, stroking me. I held tightly onto him. I didn’t know he was that much bigger than my man. I couldn’t contain myself I came all over his staff.
I could hear Clair moaning and the slapping of ass echo in the woods. She screamed as Roman thrashed at her insides, commanding her body to surrender to him.  I could hear Roman nearing his explosion. His voice got deeper and slaps to the ass got louder. Clair yelled to be fucked harder and Roman agreed. After another loud thump I heard Roman say he was about to cum.

     Don still fucking me, mid stroke let out a furious moan as I left  him spent, biting at my neck and clawing at my skin. I drained all of him and he continued stroking, with both of our juices draining down his legs.
We all fell back on the blanket exhausted. We were satisfied at this moment of shared satisfaction after a little exchange where lip biting, heavy breathing, eye contact, and sexual exhibitions occurred at the cabin in these woods.

By Valerie Rene’a
All Copyrights Reserved

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

7 thoughts on “The Cabin”

  1. This was such a HOT read!!! Wow! I loved the variety of sexual hot buttons you pushed too: Girl-girl, black-white, size differences, exhibitionism, voyeurism, group sex, and more. I enjoyed the thoughts you shared as you felt and reacted to different moments too. This was all very juicy and has me fired up this morning…just in time for a steamy shower. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you, Valerie. 🙂 These are high word count pieces but the detail (for me) is the best part. For example, in the car ride I felt like I was there…seeing and feeling it all. Watching the bathroom scene and contrasting skin tones is personal erotic hot button for me…your description of the size difference and how you felt was very hot! Cheers to bouncing quarters… 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        1. This was a high count piece, my first for this blog. It’s one of my short stories I had published this past summer but I took the chance to see if someone would take the time to read and clearly someone did (thank you)! I also published a book called “Naked Tales” in 2014. This story was such a turn on for me to write.

          Liked by 1 person

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