You see when I ask you to speak your feelings for me I want them flow naturally not using word play or hyperboles. I want them to flow freely so I could hear them and visualize what you’re saying to me. I know this isn’t always easy, opening up wasn’t your usual thing but uncertainty lurks within me. I stay here because I know what this relationship can be, I know what it use to be, hell I know what you still mean to me. All those things you did to get me seems more like a distant memory; we use to stay up late conversing about everything, lay in bed all day when it was raining, and I use to look at you and thank God that he finally sent me a King. Yet here we are and I’m questioning where we stand because it makes no sense that you are here and I feel like I’m without a man.

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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