Beauty and Her Beast Part 2


As the cold steel closed around her wrist, she simultaneously felt her legs being coerced apart by him. She clinched her eyes tightly together, not out of fear but out of obedience. She could feel the warmth from his breath beating against the nape of her neck, followed a warm slither of his tongue. Her neck fell back more, accepting his invite. He reached from behind, grabbing at her breast while pushing his bulge firmly against her. She started to speak, but he quickly shut her up.

He tells her “You only speak when spoken to, do you understand?”

With a swift nod, she signals yes.

From his pocket, he pulls a small leather paddle and beings to walk around her, trailing the smooth fabric. He swatted at her ass cheeks, making her tense up. She could taste the leather on her skin, with each slight pop she moaned. She could feel her juices marinate inside of her and trickle down her inner thigh. He massaged the paddle against each cheek it warm the area. He gripped one cheek with one hand held the paddle in the other asking her repeatedly, “who’s my good girl?”

“Me daddy”, she moaned.

Her voice sent shock waves to his dick, he gripped it as he look at her. He then took the leather paddle and rubbed her nipples, she twisted with pleasure,  biting her lips. He then took his index finger and rubbed her clit, if not for the restraints she would have tumbled to the floor. After he had his fill, he removed his finger then allowed her to clean it. She sucked it, tried to swallow it, damn near choking. Saliva spilled down her chest causing her breast to glisten as she panted, her chest inflating and deflating. Her nipples hardened. He tells her to open her eyes she looks in the mirror admiring her own body, knowing her taste.

He releases her cuffs, her hands fall to her side. He tells her to turn around and face him. He reaches down and grabs her ass and begins to clap her ass together. She heard the slapping of her nectar as he pulled her cheeks apart and closed them repeatedly as he watched in the mirror. His cologne filled her nose she felt the heat of his neck. She wanted him but obeyed him until he was ready to be taken by her.

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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