Beauty and Her Beast Part 3


He led her to the bed laced with red silk sheets, you could see in her eyes that she was eager to feel him within her thighs. He wasn’t ready to penetrate her inside just yet, he had a taste for her, a taste that she knows of. He stood in front of her, pushing up on her chin so that she could stare in his demanding eyes.

“Take my pants off” he told her.

She started at his zipper, “slowly” he says.

She steadied her hands and slowly made way to the zipper. His pants fell to his ankels. His dick was so hard that it was no longer inside his boxers, but protruding out of the opening. She was familiar with this piece of art work, but each encounter became a new experience. Her tongue has never danced along his naked flesh, but here it was peering back at her. She helped him out of his boxers and placed them to the side. Saliva began to gather at the base of her tongue, she awaited the moment for him to give her permission to proceed. He traced his dick around the lining of her lips, motioning to enter her yearning mouth but he pulls back.

“Not yet, my good girl” he says.

She panted, groaned like child being teased with food, he instructed her to fix her face she did as she was told she sat there salivating. He instructs her to open her mouth, she complied spreading her full lips. He rubs the head around the frame of her lips that were dressed in red. She wanted to grab for him but stayed obedient. He finally placed it between her lips. She had it, her present. Her mouth watered on the tip, his hand still restricted her from going further.

He tells her to look up at him, look at him with those walnut sized eyes. He released his manhood, then placed a hand on the back of her neck. She thought he’d never let go, she attacked it like it was going to melt. Sucking and sobbing down as far as she could saliva seeping from the sides of her mouth dripping onto her breast; he loved it. He told her to rub it on her nipples and she obliged, his head tilting back from pleasure making her friut water.  She was becoming wetter by the minute.

“Oh fuck that’s my good girl, suck that dick just like that”, he moaned with pleasure.

She pulled out all the stops, sucking his dick from the side as she stroked it like it was a thick flute.  Her pussy juices marinating beneath her. She wanted to feel his lips,  those lips of command.

With his hand behind her neck as guidence, he drove her head forwarded onto him filling up her entire mouth. The look of shock and pleasurable anguish on his face as her pace became erratic,  made her feel a slight reward at him weakening. He was slowly becoming submissive from the pleasure that plaques his dominance. He tried to separate himself from the wet strands of her pulsating lips, but she just kept pulling him back in.

He was engulfed in her liquid thirst, as it overflowed onto the floor. She stared at him letting him know he was no longer in charge. An almost devilish laugh can be heard between the cracks of her lips gliding off his dick. Her eyes spoke the language that her lips couldn’t speak. With shaky knees he bends down to kiss her, passing off his influence. She was reminded then of the past nights of when her control was nonexistent, but tonight it was going to be different.

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

7 thoughts on “Beauty and Her Beast Part 3”

  1. Such an erotic scene you laid before us…so eager to insert myself into the scene and into her hungry, dripping lips. Love her position of submission as her grabs her neck and fucks her mouth deeply as she drools all over his manhood and drips on floor. Yet, in this moment…he becomes the prisoner to her pleasure and passion. So HOT…as always! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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