Sleep fighting against me…


Cold sheets lace my skin with the hunger of you residing inside me, filling me with the highs and lows of our ecstasy underneath. I miss when you would breathe against my skin whispering all those sweet nothings in my ear especially while my arms and legs were being pinned. I miss how you serenaded me with your sin saying “Baby look up, those facial expressions I don’t want to miss them”. It took nothing for me to cum for you, I miss how you would lean back and look at me as if I was your miracle. It was unbelievable, the way our bodies clashed together forming puddles on these sheets and how our moans created musical melodies. I wanted to pick up the phone and say “Baby come see me. I want you inside me soothing me with your greetings. I want to taste your very essence letting it grace my lips. I want all that black love you was blessed with”. I tossed and turned fighting that urge to call you and  matter what I do it’s always between the hours of two and three that I fight against my sleep while my body tries convincing me.

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

7 thoughts on “Sleep fighting against me…”

  1. I love the moment of eye contact you describe…coupled with bodies meshed…the power to trigger such an intense orgasm, mmmm! You mention “black love”…I once had a girlfriend that craved that as well…very erotic sexual play.

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