It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I got a man and you a thing. You know as well as I know this will end in disaster. Yet you’re worth it. You showed me life was deeper than those material things placed in front of my pupils on purpose. I became an addict of you, more so a fiend. My days consisted of replaying our sessions out in scenes. I craved multiple doses of you pushing deep into my seams, my body shook the closer we came. I was dazed, momentary loss of consciousness, blood coursing through my veins as your hands caressed and gripped my frame. He never could get me like this, my spirit drifting in euphoric bliss, unforgettable touches as our bodies shifted. But we have our separate situation; my man and your thing.

-Valerie Rene’a


Author: Valerie Rene'a

Author of Naked Tales and Hidden Desires and 52 Sandy Lane

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