Love adorned

I love him

I love him as if he were tailored to my being, as if I was blind and he were my eyes that I could now see with, a love I didn’t have to compete with.

I love the way his hands would gather my every imperfection that cover my body, lift them up and praise them highly.

To me he was Godly

He, being the Black Man that he is

the one that was born with statics stacked against him

Yet he never submitted

He was gifted and I, I was blessed

I was blessed that we were a chosen force to be reckoned with

We were a team that built a foundation , that manifested our dreams


It didn’t take long for them to become reality

We had an understanding

We would always become a better us

no matter how the odds stacked

there would be no giving up

We were considered the minority

born in fields of cotton

prone to failing

But they failed to see


Strength in our tears

The fight in our lashes

The courage in our songs

The royalty in our skin

And no matter how far He may fall that I will be there next to him

helping him get back up

Because a God always rises before us

I love him

Even more now than

Then… Forever us!

-Valerie Rene’a

Love claimed

Quality over quantity…How good would it feel to have this, to have someone love you beyond all cosmic realms. A love that’s unexplainable but felt. A love where your imperfections are nonexistent. I believe we all have a need/desire for this yet we plague ourselves with what ifs and fear sets in and we short ourselves on unknown happiness.  Besides, who wants to climb out on that shaky limb and fall without a net, but then again what if you never fall. -Valerie Rene’a


Mood: We laid here for moments listening for heart beats and unspoken words, our hands caressing flesh and gliding around curves. We met at the lips, sharing breaths as our intentions shifted. Now here we are, you and I, becoming intimate. -Valerie Rene’a

Never Knew…

I never knew it could get better

better than this

we became more than intimate

more than just a kiss

more than the sensations that ran through our fingertips.

We revelled in the moment

moments like this

momentarily losing ourselves

exchanging energy as our passion

was revealed; sealing and binding us together.

Never have I known anything better

we were love exposed

love unscripted

love exhaled in bliss

love within every hour


every minute


just to start all over again.



my body becoming your

second language 

and you’ve yet to enter it.

Never have I known anything better

better than this

better than



we’ve experienced! -Valerie Rene’a

Sometimes sleep doesn’t find me…

I know many of us lie in our beds at night replaying  the day or coursing through the memories in our heads. Some of us mask our pain well, while others fight through the urges to release pent up demons. We lie in our beds peering at the ceiling, listening at the noises that sound out in the background. Some of us are taken back to dark places in our lives and that pain forms in our eyes and now we lie on tear soaked pillows. We get that feeling in our throat where former pain is trying to force it’s way out of our mouths. We wore masked smiles during the day and displayed happiness only to lay in the bed lonelier than before. We shake our heads and become fed up that we were led out of the storm but still covered in rain. And we just lie and wonder when will the clouds that hover over us  completely dry out. When will this happiness that we seek will be found. And we wonder if true love is written in those clouds, because where I stand only darkness is found. Sometimes sleep doesn’t find me…just this empty bed to which I am bond! -Valerie Rene’a

I feel as if I know you

I know this may sound strange but I feel as if I know you, countless hours spent on the telephone where it seemed like my words became songs and you in tuned. Energy rapidly released through frequencies where physically you wasn’t here but mentally I saw you. There were good vibes between us, and I knew you could feel it too. You said it’s weird how we connected, the exchanging of energy that grew waves of amplified anticipation to meet. You became a drug to me, coursing through veins causing a high, an undeniable feeling. I had an urge to submerge myself into your being, becoming intertwined with you physically. I’ve never known depths like this, from simple conversational exchanges. The words you spoke, the way you think, and how you said you wanted to make love to me. This was eternal bliss, the way our bodies aligned transferring climaxes. I could no longer fight it, inviting you inside becoming wedged between my walls as they collapsed around you, hands caressing my frame, kisses  exchanged, now love was being made…I know this may sound strange but I feel as if I know you.
Valerie Rene’a