​I have a yearning to be held

interlocking my fingers

letting the warmth of my breath

linger against his skin

I want my lips





him! -Valerie Rene’a


I feel as if I know you

I know this may sound strange but I feel as if I know you, countless hours spent on the telephone where it seemed like my words became songs and you in tuned. Energy rapidly released through frequencies where physically you wasn’t here but mentally I saw you. There were good vibes between us, and I knew you could feel it too. You said it’s weird how we connected, the exchanging of energy that grew waves of amplified anticipation to meet. You became a drug to me, coursing through veins causing a high, an undeniable feeling. I had an urge to submerge myself into your being, becoming intertwined with you physically. I’ve never known depths like this, from simple conversational exchanges. The words you spoke, the way you think, and how you said you wanted to make love to me. This was eternal bliss, the way our bodies aligned transferring climaxes. I could no longer fight it, inviting you inside becoming wedged between my walls as they collapsed around you, hands caressing my frame, kisses  exchanged, now love was being made…I know this may sound strange but I feel as if I know you.
Valerie Rene’a

My muse…


He was art
A muse to my mental
And here his canvas stood before me.
I had visions long before this night
Of how I would spill my ink onto these blank sheets
Of how this long waited, melanated being, would become my masterpiece
I was his peace
And spiritually his energy began to flow into me
bursting in orgasmic releases
Thrusting deeply
My palette spilled as he wedged himself between my thighs.
My breath released as he proceeded with gentle strokes
against my silent cries
Pleasure ran down my spine
We were flesh upon flesh
His frame pressed against mine
Time was no longer of the essence
we made use of every second, minute, and hours we were blessed with
Making messes
I swore I could feel him retrace me
My insides now dripping
Moments were captured when our brushes clashed
My vision now a painting
And my name imbedded within this canvas….my muse and I. -Valerie Rene’a 



He was seeking residence in me, tired of running the streets sleeping with different women filling trash cans with magnums in hotel suites. He was ready to be the man his daddy taught him to be.

He was seeking residence in me, finally recognizing the man in the mirror was a king saying that I was his queen to be and It wasnt because of moments we shared between the sheets but because I knew he was that in the beginning.

He was seeking residence in me, saying there was something special about me. I was laid back, quiet and seeing beauty in everything thing, not running the street trying to be on every scene, drinking and getting high off everything.

He was seeking residence in me, my words spoke into him, I was his strength. He knew I had his back no matter what it meant and when he needed to pray to our knees we went.

He found residence in me,  because I was supportive and if he have a vision he knew I’d push him towards it and he adored me for it, staring at me thanking the Lord I was sent.
-Valerie Rene’a