Thoughts Crashing

I’m in this hot bubble bath with thoughts of you. Music playing in the back ground. I can’t help but imagine you here. I lie on my stomach as the water ripples around me. I think of your fingers as each wave hits my flesh. Bubbles bursting against my lips causing the fragrance of honey to leave notes on the tip of my tongue. My body aches, and my yoni throbs for your presence. I felt myself get wetter in the wetness that surrounded me. I wanted you to feel me, to feel this. My mere essences floating. Now my head is against the wall, my fingers tracing my lips, my breathing deepened… Entrance. I Have You. Thoughts dancing with the flame…waxed and relaxed. My stresses washed away, the only tension now is the pressure that wraps around my fingers…One…Two. My body rises and falls, my eyes closing. I lick my lips then bite down on them. “Cum for him” is all I can hear. I keep up the pace, inhale and exhale, in and out…moaning your name. I can’t help but somehow I know I’m wetter now more than before, I honor those voices that echo over the splashing and I cum for you, my thoughts now crashing. -Valerie Rene’a


Love claimed

Quality over quantity…How good would it feel to have this, to have someone love you beyond all cosmic realms. A love that’s unexplainable but felt. A love where your imperfections are nonexistent. I believe we all have a need/desire for this yet we plague ourselves with what ifs and fear sets in and we short ourselves on unknown happiness.  Besides, who wants to climb out on that shaky limb and fall without a net, but then again what if you never fall. -Valerie Rene’a


Mood: We laid here for moments listening for heart beats and unspoken words, our hands caressing flesh and gliding around curves. We met at the lips, sharing breaths as our intentions shifted. Now here we are, you and I, becoming intimate. -Valerie Rene’a

Never Knew…

I never knew it could get better

better than this

we became more than intimate

more than just a kiss

more than the sensations that ran through our fingertips.

We revelled in the moment

moments like this

momentarily losing ourselves

exchanging energy as our passion

was revealed; sealing and binding us together.

Never have I known anything better

we were love exposed

love unscripted

love exhaled in bliss

love within every hour


every minute


just to start all over again.



my body becoming your

second language 

and you’ve yet to enter it.

Never have I known anything better

better than this

better than



we’ve experienced! -Valerie Rene’a

She Made Me Love Her…

She made me love her. She made me feel like I was free and when this world of chaos tried to fight against me there she was uplifting her King. She was inspiring. And I’ve never seen a woman more beautiful inside, in all my days living. God has blessed me. Now these days that I spend all day laying beside her were more fulfilling than the streets that owned me previously, it was simplicity that I was missing. She made me believe. She made me believe that I could be loved more than her melanin ran deep. We shared everything. I would just sit there and stare at her as she spoke into me. It was my awakening. I counted my riches by how her body felt in my hands as I was grasping. There were lapses in time as mind tried to wrap itself around these precious moments. Moments in which I never wanted to end because of how she felt against me. She made me love her and now the rest of my days will be spent…proving! -Valerie Rene’a  

My muse…


He was art
A muse to my mental
And here his canvas stood before me.
I had visions long before this night
Of how I would spill my ink onto these blank sheets
Of how this long waited, melanated being, would become my masterpiece
I was his peace
And spiritually his energy began to flow into me
bursting in orgasmic releases
Thrusting deeply
My palette spilled as he wedged himself between my thighs.
My breath released as he proceeded with gentle strokes
against my silent cries
Pleasure ran down my spine
We were flesh upon flesh
His frame pressed against mine
Time was no longer of the essence
we made use of every second, minute, and hours we were blessed with
Making messes
I swore I could feel him retrace me
My insides now dripping
Moments were captured when our brushes clashed
My vision now a painting
And my name imbedded within this canvas….my muse and I. -Valerie Rene’a