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When is enough, enough? …."Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put it back together.” ~Unknown



Mood: We laid here for moments listening for heart beats and unspoken words, our hands caressing flesh and gliding around curves. We met at the lips, sharing breaths as our intentions shifted. Now here we are, you and I, becoming intimate. -Valerie Rene’a

Never Knew…

I never knew it could get better

better than this

we became more than intimate

more than just a kiss

more than the sensations that ran through our fingertips.

We revelled in the moment

moments like this

momentarily losing ourselves

exchanging energy as our passion

was revealed; sealing and binding us together.

Never have I known anything better

we were love exposed

love unscripted

love exhaled in bliss

love within every hour


every minute


just to start all over again.



my body becoming your

second language 

and you’ve yet to enter it.

Never have I known anything better

better than this

better than



we’ve experienced! -Valerie Rene’a

My muse…


He was art
A muse to my mental
And here his canvas stood before me.
I had visions long before this night
Of how I would spill my ink onto these blank sheets
Of how this long waited, melanated being, would become my masterpiece
I was his peace
And spiritually his energy began to flow into me
bursting in orgasmic releases
Thrusting deeply
My palette spilled as he wedged himself between my thighs.
My breath released as he proceeded with gentle strokes
against my silent cries
Pleasure ran down my spine
We were flesh upon flesh
His frame pressed against mine
Time was no longer of the essence
we made use of every second, minute, and hours we were blessed with
Making messes
I swore I could feel him retrace me
My insides now dripping
Moments were captured when our brushes clashed
My vision now a painting
And my name imbedded within this canvas….my muse and I. -Valerie Rene’a 

Beauty and Her Beast Part 4


She stood up, pushed him onto the bed and begin to spread his legs apart. She then climbed on top of him, and looked at him with defeat in her eyes. He wanted her even if it was at the expense of his power. She sat there mounted on her beast, beauty reached back placing his dick between her ass cheeks. She rubbed her wet pussy onto his skin, grinding at the same time jerking his dick with her booty muscles. He reached for her, but she stopped his hands pushing them down on the red sheets.

“No sir”, she said.

His dick throbbed,  his eyes peered up at her small but thick frame as he momentarily released his control. She leaned forward tasting his lips as she shook her ass against his solid staff. She loved this control. Reaching over to a nearby dresser she pulls out a pair a solid red handcuffs and attached them along with his hands to the bed, she wanted to tame her beast.


She climbed onto his face, dropped her frame onto his awaiting mouth then stood back up. He licked his lips savoring the sample of flavor she left. She sits again a bit longer then gets up again only after a few licks. It tormented him, her sweet juices teasing his throat. He groaned “fuck”. She squats down placing her finger on his lips. “No sir”

She then slowly placed her lips on top of his as his tongue serenaded her arrival. She arched her back rocking back and forth as his tongue stretched out to her swollen clit. Her juices leaked onto his tongue and down his throat as he relished every drop. She smothered his face with her pussy as he begged for more. He wanted to be freed from his restraints but  being on the opposite side of his pleasure enticed him even more.

Releasing him, she then turns around, getting in the 69 position. He fell weak to her jaws massaging his man hood. She allowed him to enjoy both pleasure of his submission, her round firm ass covered his face while her sexy mouth wrapped around his dick. Her juices leaking out of his mouth, off his beard only to drain down his chest and off to the side. His hands begin to clutch her waist, pulling her ass into his face more. He licked her from the top of her ass to the opening of her pleasure hole penetrating it with his tongue. She moaned in delight.

She could feel his body tightening beneath her as her head became uncontrollable swallowing him. His dick ventured past her tonsils to the back of her that, he couldn’t take it anymore. He violently pushes her off his face, the juices on his chest made it slippery enough that she slides all the way done to his dick. Lifting her by her waist he forces his dick deep inside her. The tables begin to turn, and he once again takes control.

He grips her hair from the back making her chin lift towards the air. She let’s out a loud moan. He rotates his hip driving his dick between her wet lips. She felt the pressure of his dick push into her stomach, fighting the urge to scream she braced herself by placing her hands on the side of his thighs but he was having no parts of that. Still inside her he lifted up pushing her face down into the red sheets.

“You going to feel all of this dick is that clear”, he deeply grunted.

She didn’t respond, so he pushed deep down inside of her as he gripped the top of her ass. She screamed panting, “Yes sir, yes sir I will I promise”

“Good girl”, he said reducing some of the pressure, she stroked his already large ego. He was now ready to let her taste every inch.

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved