Hours of bliss


Her ending was my beginning
patiently I waited for her to finish
so I could drink from her falls
spilling like Niagara
I watched as her body rose
off the bed in slow motion
swallowing every drop
of her love potion
There she lay spent
as I released all the tension
from inside her
Now inside her
gripping me tightly
I massaged all of her glory
She said her praises for me
for every inch that collided
Hail Mary’s were translated
through screams
I saw satisfaction
from the look in her eyes
melanin on top of melanin
dripping between the thighs
I unwrapped a surprise
with each kiss
Inviting excitement
and desire
into these hours of bliss

Valerie Rene’a – Author
All Copyrights Reserved

The King in him

He was was tired, tired of running the streets sleeping with different women filling trash cans with magnums in hotel suites. He finally recognized the man in the mirror was a king, saying that I was his queen to be and it wasn’t because of the  moments we shared between the sheets but because I knew he was that from the beginning. He said there was something special about me; I was laid back, quiet and seeing beauty in everything and how he admired my love for simplicity. I wasn’t the type running the streets trying to be on every scene, drinking and getting high off everything. My words spoke into him, I was his strength. He knew I had his back no matter what it meant and when he needed to pray, to our knees we went. I was more than supportive, if he had a vision he knew I’d push him towards it. He adored me for it and when I would catch him staring at my face, he’d just smile and say “I’m just thanking the heavens and Lord you were sent and without you Queen, I don’t know where I would’ve been .” -Valerie Rene’a

Valerie Rene’a – Author


He wanted her. He wanted to know what it would feel like for his hands to travel her smooth black skin or how exhilarating it would be to puree her insides. He would imagine her body dripping wet straddled on top of his, with her natural essence being released onto him. He envisioned her breast pressed firmly against his chest while holding her tightly, stroking her deeply. He wanted to watch the moon reflecting off her naked flesh.

She wanted him. She wanted to have her naked canvas posted against the wall being painted by him as she anticipated each stroke. She would imagine reaching out, caressing his ailing lips and having him nestled tightly against her as she inhaled his scent. She envisioned the night ending with them succumbing in total bliss and welcoming the morning in puddles of their own messes. She wanted to stare into his eyes as her body called out for him. -Valerie Rene’a

Valerie Rene’a – Author

How could I…

How could I forget how you felt, the taste of your skin , the look in your eyes or even your scent.

How could I forget how it was to have to you deep inside me with my hands above my head and the position of my body.

How could I forget how your touch felt like you were whispering against my skin, or how you made sure you covered me in every inch.

I wanted you to be my forever; my beginning and my end. Now here I am still thinking of you,  thoughts clouded with the things we use to do and then there’s all those hours of me touching you. My pink matter dripped of you. Ecstasy was embedded in the depth of me, we resided in a state where forever was supposed to be our eternity. I still yearn for you, us, we. I still yearn to have you next to me in a moment were I’m ok with sharing myself in solitary. I loved you and for some reason I can’t  let you go it’s been a few months, a few seasons, same year, and same feelings… Just so you know.
-Valerie Rene’a