He didn’t mind…

He didn’t mind committing this sin with me, because he knew before this night was over he’d be delivered again, baptizing my waters!

-Valerie Rene’a



Sitting here staring at my screen, keys pressed against my fingertips and then there’s those thoughts of you that still exist within me, flashes of my memory. I still yearn for your touch so much that my senses were heighten in a way that I imagine you still inside me and it’s arousing. I was in an endless state of possibility and promise once again I opened up to you inviting you within these walls letting you reside in me. These thoughts provoking my moans to screams picturing us colliding beneath these sheets, moans playing out in my ears like music as my fingers strummed at my curves, thumbing at my strings. I was a puppet as you mastered the art of making love to me, we became poetry in motion and my streams you turned them into oceans. I devoted myself into the thought of you, the thought of me. This act no longer curiosity but the reality of my hands touching me. The words from my lips briefly paused from the undo pleasure as I imagine my tongue tracing your neck to below your chest before resting back on your lips again. Damn to have this again, my body roaming yours as my kisses seek out the depth of you. I haven’t felt that feeling since; that bliss, that elated state where you and I exist, now I just touch myself and reminisce.
-Valerie Rene’a

Her Story

I knew I would touch her I just didn’t know where and when, scenes I’ve played out of my mind well before this evening; the things I’d do to her, the positions I’d put her in, and the words that I’d leave her screaming. Her body spoke of confidence in languages she’s yet to understand, the way she looked at me, the touch of her hands, and the shit said …man damn. She was in control and now my body was her playground. I submitted while being gifted as she climbed on top of me, she shifted her body then she started watching me. My moans became the only voice she seek, so I just closed my eyes threw up hands up and let her do her thing to me. She rocked me, rocked me steady. I felt like I’d died and gone to heaven only to blessed with something more heavenly, this shit was scary to me. I was nervous but I knew in my reality this shit was real, she was real. I just felt like if I opened my eyes this Queen would disappear. So her body became Braille and I read her story as each syllable collapsed around me. I poured myself into her deeply embedded between the folds of her sheets, she made seconds feel like minutes and hours feel like eternity. I read her from the beginning to end, tracing her with my fingertips until she was ready to start all over again. And when we were done her body spoke to me, now in moans, shivers, and juices flowing onto the sheets. This was her autobiography!
-Valerie Rene’a

She was like magic…

She was like magic and I was in the audience watching this dove spread her wings, she preparing for me. She earned it. She earned for me to set her free. She wanted me to taste her till she fell weak.  It was more than physical; skin against skin, it was the way her body felt when I whisper against it and the way my words formed libraries inside her. She was desperate for passion. Anticipation was being written all over her face, she wanted her desires claimed. I knew what it would take, so I proceeded with a slow and steady pace. My hands slowly traced her frame and with my eyes she heard the words I couldn’t say. Mere seconds but it felt like minutes, possibly hours as I touched her with tenderness. Lord, she was heaven sent. She wasn’t perfect so I kissed at all her flaws, that meant she was perfect to me and so she deserved this blessing. She was the kinks in her hair, those full lips, that brown skin, and those childbearing hips. I was in search for her pleasure, meeting her moans with deeper kisses. And if freedom was what she wanted then I was going to give it. I opened the cage, and with my tongue she became free, spreading her legs like wings beneath me. Staring at me as if she was asking for release, and with a nod I gave her permission and continued to with ease. Trembling against my constant licks this beautiful dove came back to back for me. After all, it wasn’t that she wanted to be set free, she just wanted to stretch her wings signifying her desires to release and I agreed. She was like magic and now I’ve been behind the scenes, but when I’m in the audience she knows her secret is safe with me.
-Valerie Rene’a

How could I…

How could I forget how you felt, the taste of your skin , the look in your eyes or even your scent.

How could I forget how it was to have to you deep inside me with my hands above my head and the position of my body.

How could I forget how your touch felt like you were whispering against my skin, or how you made sure you covered me in every inch.

I wanted you to be my forever; my beginning and my end. Now here I am still thinking of you,  thoughts clouded with the things we use to do and then there’s all those hours of me touching you. My pink matter dripped of you. Ecstasy was embedded in the depth of me, we resided in a state where forever was supposed to be our eternity. I still yearn for you, us, we. I still yearn to have you next to me in a moment were I’m ok with sharing myself in solitary. I loved you and for some reason I can’t  let you go it’s been a few months, a few seasons, same year, and same feelings… Just so you know.
-Valerie Rene’a

Solitude-In my thoughts

To often in my solitude I saw visions of you; us, we. And these feelings cloud me like gray skies hanging above. Tempted to hear your voice, remembrance of your touch. I don’t think you know how much I miss you. My days grew shorter and my nights longer, it seems like every time I closed my eyes there you were. I tried to sleep longer, searching for your warmth because if I only have you in my dreams, then I’m hoping tomorrow doesn’t come. I didn’t realize how much I loved you till you were gone, now every time I turn on the radio its nothing but sad love songs. And I’m reminded of you. My ego has me hesitant to pick up the phone and tell you to come back. They say home is where the heart is but mines left, and I won’t be whole again until it returns along with you. Silent cries blanet these white sheets, reminiscent of you holding me, and that feeling I got when your hands palmed my cheeks or the way you looked at me. I imagined our future differently, a couple kids and those picket fences, spending our nights at 3am in kitchen; you know when you couldn’t sleep and needed me to listen. This shit isn’t what I envisioned, just my thoughts of you; now poetry written.
-Valerie Rene’a