I touched her today

I touched her today

Touched her


thought of you

Thoughts that led me to…

Slowly tracing my lips

Tilting my head back

Spreading my legs


Wider as if

you were still there

Stroking, throbbing

Filling the depths of me with you
Now my fingers


My eyes close

As I

As I lay here 

and probe her

Teasing her

Pleasing her

Until she drips

with thoughts of me and you!

-Valerie Rene’a


Calling in black today!

​Will I apologize for the color of my skin? No! Will I worker harder because you already see me as a failure? Hell yeah! Will you see me as a threat because of how powerful I’ve become? If you don’t you should. Do I think that you will ever see me as an equal? Never!
We have fought so long to gain acceptance, acknowledgement for those that simply refuse to understand us. What I am saying here today is that no matter how hard we fight to be known a quiet voice will never be heard. So be proud of who you are, where you come from, the things you’ve had the strength to get through and let them mother fuckers know (excuse the language) “I am Black today and everyday”! Wishing you love, peace, and light! 🌻

Never give up

If you’re reading this be thankful that you were granted another day. I know we may all not be where we want to be in our lives “yet” but being able to wake up every day gives you a chance to get closer to your dreams. I know that it may seem like your dreams are just that dreams, but don’t let that deter you from trying. One who gives up easily is never meant to succeed, you have to work for what you mostly desire out of this one life we are all so blessed to be given. Don’t spend your days worrying about your struggles, your nights worrying about your pain, spend them knowing that you have a fighting chance and that you are going to give your all to obtain what ever it is that you want. Blessings!


Mood: We laid here for moments listening for heart beats and unspoken words, our hands caressing flesh and gliding around curves. We met at the lips, sharing breaths as our intentions shifted. Now here we are, you and I, becoming intimate. -Valerie Rene’a

Never Knew…

I never knew it could get better

better than this

we became more than intimate

more than just a kiss

more than the sensations that ran through our fingertips.

We revelled in the moment

moments like this

momentarily losing ourselves

exchanging energy as our passion

was revealed; sealing and binding us together.

Never have I known anything better

we were love exposed

love unscripted

love exhaled in bliss

love within every hour


every minute


just to start all over again.



my body becoming your

second language 

and you’ve yet to enter it.

Never have I known anything better

better than this

better than



we’ve experienced! -Valerie Rene’a